Warehousing refers to a storage system used for protecting the quantity and quality of the stored products. Sometimes there is a time interval between the production and consumption of goods or in their delivery time, and hence the need for storage arises. At this time warehouses help in keeping the goods safe and secure.

FGR is the leading logistics company which provides an efficient and reliable warehousing service along with freight services. The strategically located warehouses of FGR ensure that it can reach and deliver cargo to any part of the country and marks its national presence. Currently, FGR operates with 25 warehouses. FGR has utilized emerging technologies in cost-effective ways for a more efficient and safer warehouse. All FGR warehouses are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and CCTV cameras are installed in order to maintain the safety and security of your goods.

We understand your needs and requirements and then provide you with a fully comprehensive package with respect to warehousing of your goods. We have an extensive network of dedicated warehousing and distribution operations along with the best-in-class processes and systems to ensure cost-efficient distribution solutions. You can avail our warehousing services whenever you need. You can now continue all year round production and store them till the arrival of demand. Our warehousing facility enables you to import or export without the burden of their security.

Store away your goods safely and be tension free. We promise you to provide the best warehousing service.

  • Our warehouses are equipped with state-of-the-art technology
  • Your goods are totally safe and secure under our CCTV vigilance
  • Inventory management and control
  • Best logistics and warehousing solutions after proper analysis
  • Cost efficient distribution solutions

With the introduction of GST warehousing industry is getting smarter from traditional godowns of storing goods to modernized tech driven infrastructure and robotic controls.
The inventories are getting new makeover with better systems such as more organized packaging standards, labelling, bar coding and material handling equipments controlled by various intelligent softwares and applications.
The demands in the market are bringing innovation, changes are too rapid. FGR India is a pioneer in adopting new trends to facilitate the efficient processing of cargo and making the entire supply chain cost effective thereby gaining happy customers.


Safe & Secure storage


Optimization of Vehicle turn-around time ( TAT )


Increase in Binning and Picking efficiency


Increase in service ratios


Increase in first-fill ratio


Higher No. of Inventory turns


100% on-time deliveries


100% Inventory and Delivery accuracy

Warehousing/3PL/ Supply Chain Management forms a basic and integral part of services offered to our customers. FGR has end to end logistics capabilities starting from In Plant Movements, Warehousing, and Stock Movement across Pan India, to Packing/Repacking , Order Processing and Distribution direct to consumer or through customers dealer network.

3PL Capabilities :-

  • Warehouse operations in 25 location
  • Well trained and dedicated teams.
  • Extended 3PL Services
  • Providing value added services not limiting to bar coding , packing , kitting, VAT and Excise return

3PL benefits to our client

  • Documentation Assistance
  • Easy online tracking facility and information at desk through WMS
  • Dedicated or Multi client facility
  • Ability to pass on cost benefits
  • Increased warehousing service level
  • For last leg delivery to consumers, facility of FOD (Freight on Delivery)
  • Holiday and Sunday Pickup / Delivery
  • Complete Reverse Logistics can be enabled
  • We provide warehousing and distribution centers for companies with a need for a high-performance, yet flexible infrastructure. Through our shared logistics capabilities, our customers gain the benefits of our customized services. We offer real-time access to inventory status using a simple, intuitive method in managing your inventory.
  • Our state of the art system includes bar code scanning, compliance labeling, space optimization and value-added support services. We offer a wide variety of warehousing, distribution, and value-added services designed to speed up your supply chain as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.
  • By utilizing our efficiencies and experience to reduce your total cost of Warehousing and Distribution, your company can focus its time and money on what really matters in your industry instead of wasting valuable resources on logistics.
  • We offer customs clearance services to the desiring customers as add on services. We get the necessary documentations done well in time and arrange for the inspection and clearance of cargo and ensure hassle free transportation of your shipments to the warehouse/ factory.
  • We are adapted to fully automated system of customs documentation which makes it easy, accurate and efficient.